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Visit the BCLT Library

The BCLT Library, housed within the British Centre for Literary Translation in Arts 2.27 at UEA, is a resource available to literary translators, researchers, UEA staff and students and the general public. Almost all of the library’s collection is available for readers to explore. Within the BCLT Library are books written in a wide variety of languages, as well as books translated into English from various languages. The library also contains reference works for the practice of literary translation, translations of poetry collections, dual-language poetry texts, journals relevant to literary translation, anthologies of translated works and biographies of writers. Whether you are a researcher seeking a theoretical text, an MA student looking for a work to translate, or an undergraduate student looking for something new to read, the BCLT Library welcomes you. 

The library is currently closed due to COVID-19. (Opening hours are usually Monday – Thursday 9:30 – 16:30)

When the library is open, appointments are not always necessary and you are welcome to drop in, but you can call BCLT Manager, Anna Goode, on 01603 592785 or email