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BCLT Research Seminar - Supply-Driven Translation and Less Translated Languages - Wednesday 3rd February, 4pm

BCLT Research Seminar - Supply-Driven Translation and Less Translated Languages, Olivia Hellewell - Wednesday 3rd February 2021, 4-5.30pm, Zoom.

About this Event
There have been a number of terms used over the years to describe and explain the flow of literary translations from languages that are ‘less often the source of translation in the international exchange of linguistic goods’ (Branchadell, 2005) into English. Some of these have included ‘translation as imposition’, to describe translation activity ‘driven by the source culture’ (Dollerup, 1995); ‘source culture-driven’ translations (Zauberga, 2005); ‘literary gifts’ from the ‘source pole’ (Leppihalme, 2006), and more recently, ‘supply-driven translation’ (Vimr, 2015, 2020; Hellewell 2018). All of these have arisen from particular contexts at different times, and in this regard supply-driven translation is no different; yet the term does place particular emphasis on the question of which factors drive the production of literary translations when a target publishing country does not demand them. How do these translations find funding, publishers, readers?

In this seminar, Olivia Hellewell will outline how the concept of supply-driven translation might help shape our understanding of literary translation dynamics, making reference to her 2018 doctoral research into literary translation from Slovene into English between 1991-2016. In addition, Olivia will be reflecting on her own experience as a translator working from a less-translated language, and how this intersects with her research.

Olivia Hellewell is a postdoctoral research fellow in Translation Studies at the University of Nottingham, and a Slovene-English literary translator. From October 2020 to January 2021, Olivia is one of two inaugural Translators in Residence at the British Centre for Literary Translation. Her latest translation, of Goran Vojnović’s prize-winning multigenerational family saga The Fig Tree, was published by Istros Books, and selected by World Literature Today as one of 75 Notable Translations of 2020.

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