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Multilingualism in English Language Fiction: The Novelist as Language Ambassador - Wednesday 11th December 2019

Research Seminar Series - 'Multilingualism in English Language Fiction: The Novelist as Language Ambassador' with Dr Aled Rees (Swansea University) - Wednesday 11th December 2019, 5.30-7pm. Committee Room 2, Council House, UEA, Norwich.

What difference does it make if a writer can speak or write in a language other than that of his or her literary expression? Does their experience of another language and/or living in a non-English speaking country impact their writing? How can you tell anyway? These questions form the foundation of the OWRI-funded Project entitled ‘British Bilingual Writers: Mental Migrants or Language Ambassadors?’ based at Swansea University. This paper offers an overview of the research, and maps out ways in which a selection of prominent contemporary writers of English who have acquired advanced knowledge of other languages after childhood make use of these languages in their writing. Moreover, taking Irish writer Colm Tóibín as a case study, this paper examines the ways in which his incorporation of Spanish and Catalan into his narratives transforms him into a language ambassador who makes intercultural impacts.   

This event is FREE to attend and ALL are welcome, including the general public. No prior knowledge required. No booking required.