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The Collaboration Game - Tuesday 21st July 2020

The Collaboration Game - Tuesday 21st July 2020, 1.45pm-3.15pm

What goes into actively 'publishing' translated fiction? 

Can the collaboration between translators and publishers – on which the publishing of international literature depends andwhich has transformed in the last ten to fifteen years – be developed further, especially in the post-Covid world?

Renowned editor Bill Swainson will chair this publishers panel with Katharina Bielenberg (MacLehose Press), Anne Meadows (Granta Books) and Samuel McDowell (Charco Press)

This panel is part of the programme for the annual BCLT International Literary Translation & Creative Writing Summer School on Tuesday 21st July 2020, 1.45-3pm (BST).

Due to the current crisis the Summer School will be taking place online. All of the plenary sessions will be open to the public and will be free of charge.

To register for the publishers panel email by Sunday 19th July 2020.

To watch the publishers panel you will need to have downloaded Zoom onto your computer or mobile device. Once you have registered we will send you the relevant information to take part.