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Research Symposium: The Work of Literary Translation, Prof Clive Scott - Wednesday 27th February 2019

Research Symposum: 'The Work of Literary Translation' (CUP, 2018), Professor Clive Scott - Wednesday 27th February 2019, 4-7pm, Committee Room 2, Council House, UEA, Norwich, UK.

In his latest book, The Work of Literary Translation (CUP 2018), Emeritus Professor Clive Scott offers an original reconceptualisation of literary trans-lation. He argues that translation enlists the reader as an active participant in the constant re-fashioning of the possibilities of the literary text, so that our larger understanding of ecology, anthropology, comparative literature and aesthetics is fundamentally trans-formed and our sense of the expressive resources of language radically extended. Literary translation thus assumes an existential value which takes us beyond the text itself to how it situates us in the world, and what part it plays in the geography of human relationships.

For this symposium Professor Scott will be discussing his book with Professor Timothy Mathews (Emeritus Professor of French and Comparative Criticism at University College London) and Dr Cecilia Rossi (BCLT). Professor Scott has also chosen an extract from the book for more detailed discussion, in a session which will be led by current MA and PhD students.

This event is FREE to attend and ALL are welcome. Register an interest by emailing We will also send you the extract to read beforehand.