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Theatre Translation Programme of Events launched at BCLT

The British Centre for Literary Translation (BCLT) is running a series of workshops this academic year on translation for the stage, which are free and open to all. The series will begin on Wednesday 7th November at University of East Anglia (UEA), Norwich, with a workshop led by renowned playwright and translator, Timberlake Wertenbaker, Professor of Playwriting at UEA. The students on the MA in Literary Translation will bring a translated excerpt from a play of their choice, which will be read out by UEA Drama students. This workshop will give participants a taste of what a dramatic translation involves and encourage them to think about the stage, rather than about a text in dialogue form. This workshop will be followed by a panel discussion on translating for the theatre on Wednesday 14th November. Panel members will include Catherine Boyle and Katherine Gregor, among others.

The series of theatre translation events at BCLT will continue on Wednesday 30th January 2019 with a theatre translation workshop led by London-based theatre company [Foreign Affairs]. This innovative company focuses on theatre in translation and international cultural and artistic exchange. Their work explores theatre writing and practices from around the globe.  The two-hour interactive workshop will be an introduction to the work of [Foreign Affairs], an assessment of the current state of theatre translation in the UK and will include group translation exercises, designed to show the collaborative nature of theatre translation between directors, actors and translators.

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