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Summer School Programme

Take a look at the draft programme for the week - this will give you an idea of how the week works. 


Each participant takes part in a particular workshop strand and stays with this group for all of the literary translation workshops. You will then get to take part in two creative writing sessions to give you some time to explore your creativity - with some expert guidance of course! We also programme three plenary sessions on topics that we feel will be of interest to practicing literary translators. We are excited to announce that the remarkable Kate Briggs will be returning to Norwich to give the first plenary of the week. This will be followed by a panel chaired by Rosie Goldsmith on the journey of a translated novel, with our Italian workshop author, Elvira Dones, her translator Clarissa Botsford and her publisher Stefan Tobler (And Other Stories). Our final plenary session will be a publishers' panel, chaired by renowned editor Bill Swainson.


The workshop strands available in 2019 are:


French to English & English to French

Workshop leader - Arianne Des Rochers

Author - Nathanaël 

Workshop participants will be provided with two thematically-related excerpts from the author’s genre-bending writing—one in French, the other in English. Both excerpts explore the same preoccupations with regards to translation and the concept of (un)translatability; as such, and although they differ on the level of form, they already function, in a metaphorical sense, as one another’s translation. The participants will be asked to translate these already-"translated” texts and to critically reflect on the nature and the modalities of translation practice. Both excerpts—which fluctuate between abstract, poetic prose and critical writing—present unique challenges for translation, and we will focus on the creative, transformative, and productive aspects of literary translation throughout the workshop. Discussions will take place in both French and English, and collective translation will be facilitated in both directions.


Italian to English

Workshop leader - Shaun Whiteside

Author - Elvira Dones

Please note that all sucessful Italian workshop applicants will receive a £400 bursary and £100 travel bursary funded by Pro Helvetia.


Multilingual Poetry 

Workshop leader - Clare Pollard


Multilingual Prose with a particular focus on Children's & Young Adult Fiction

Workshop leader - Daniel Hahn


Slovenian to English

Workshop leader - Olivia Hellewell

Author - Goran Vojnović

The Slovenian Book Agency is able to cover all travel expenses for Slovene participants via a mobility grant. Contact for further information.


Spanish to English

Workshop leader - Anne McLean

Author - Lina Meruane 


Training the Trainer

Find out more about this workshop strand specifically for experienced literary translators that would like to train to lead literary translation workshops.


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