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Summer School Programme

We will be releasing more details about the programme, workshop leaders, plenary sessions and visiting authors over the coming months. However, take a look at the 2018 Summer School programme to give you an idea of how the week works.


The workshops available in 2018 were:


Baltics workshop (Estonian, Latvian & Lithuanian*) - this workshop had an editing focus.

Workshop leader - Bill Swainson

Estonian Author - Mihkel Mutt

Latvian Author - Inga Ä€bele 

Lithuanian Author - Tomas Vaiseta


German to English

Workshop leader - Katy Derbyshire

Author - Sandra Hoffmann


Korean to English

Workshop leader - Deborah Smith

Author - Kim Soom


Multilingual Poetry 

Workshop leader - Fiona Sampson


Multilingual Prose

Workshop leader - Daniel Hahn


Persian to English 

Workshop leader - Sara Khalili

Author - Hossein Abkenar


Spanish to English

Workshop leader - Anne McLean

Author - Felix Bruzzone


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