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Summer School Testimonials

The BCLT's International Literary Translation Summer School has been running since 2000 at University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK. Throughout those years the Summer School has been invaluable for many literary translators for many different reasons, including professional development and networking. Here is some of the feedback we have received:

"It went so well! I expected to have a good experience, but I was surprised by how smoothly everything ran via zoom. Technical difficulties were minimal and I really felt that I was working with people even though we were many time zones apart."

Danish workshop attendee, 2020 

"I found the online format a smooth and enjoyable experience. It was successful in replicating the main parts of the campus-based event. Once I had got over the initial unfamiliarity of working with other people who I had not met in person, I almost became unaware of the online environment." 

Dutch workshop attendee, 2020

"Being relatively new to the field of translation and particularly literary translation, I felt a little nervous before coming to the Summer School. I quickly came to learn that all the participants and instructors - regardless of their level of experience or chosen career path - were eager to share their advice, ideas and philosophies on translation, and equally willing to listen to my views...The BCLT Summer School was, for me, an overwhelmingly positive experience and I would recommend it wholeheartedly to any budding or seasoned translator."

French workshop attendee, 2019

"The hand's on translation sessions were very helpful, particularly when we moved into smaller groups. And the networking was fantastic - a few of us are already planning a co-translation project for September."

Italian workshop attendee, 2019

"I feel re-energized, and ready to tackle the challenges of translating children's literature! I was given so much to think about this week and feel like I want to apply it right away. And if I run into snags (inevitable!) I know I have a wonderful support group to turn to."

Multilingual Prose workshop attendee, 2019

"The workshop leaders for both creative writing and translation were fantastic, very encouraging and offering the perfect balance of structure and freedom. It was great meeting other translators, not just for the support network they form but also to learn about other people's projects and about exciting ways of exploring and showcasing translation."

Multilingual Poetry workshop attendee, 2017

"It was a truly wonderful week, spending time with a diverse range of interesting people. The final presentations were genuinely moving as we were able to see how much high calibre work could be produced across many languages and styles in a very short space of time"

German workshop attendee, 2017

"I learned to have confidence in what I've done and feel happy that I'm ready to start pitching my sample translations. I also picked up a few tips on publishers who might be interested in my project and grants available."

Multilingual Prose workshop attendee, 2017

"It has inspired me to keep going and pursue a career in the field, to have the confidence to believe in my own writing."

German workshop attendee, 2016

"Wonderful to meet so many translators and feel part of a community"

Multilingual Prose workshop attendee, 2016.

"The workshops themselves were fantastic, but it was these unrepeatable chances to chat and hang out with like-minded aspiring linguists over breakfast, coffee, dinner and drinks, that made the Summer School such a valuable experience."

Daniel Bradley, Japanese workshop attendee, 2013.

"I attended the BCLT Summer School as a participant in 2006.....It was a life-changing experience....Many of the people I met that week later helped me to get work, and vice versa."

Katy Derbyshire, German workshop attendee, 2006 - German workshop leader 2012 onwards.